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Alloy Wheel Repairs - Scratch Wizard

Alloy Wheel repairs can now be performed on the spot using our fully equipped mobile wheel repair vehicle.

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We provide a fast and reliable alloy wheel repair service to save you the nightmare of vehicle juggling!!

We Repair Rim and Spoke scrapes and damage to Alloy wheels. Wheel kerbing is the most common cause of damage. Whether your wheels are painted, polished or a machined finish we can repair them for you in situ.

We typically charge from £65 depending on the type, size, number and finish of the wheels to be repaired.

We remove the wheel from the vehicle and after cleaning, deflate the tyre. The tyre is pushed back from the rim and the repair is carried out. Once the repair is completed the wheel is refinished with a robust, heat baked, high gloss clearcoat finish.

For specialised wheel types/colours/finishes our friendly and experienced staff will always be happy to discuss matters.


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